Meat Mastery Simplified: Illustrated Guide for Every Cut



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Meat Illustrated,” the 2021 IACP Award Winner in the General Category, is your comprehensive guide to mastering meat preparation. This indispensable resource, part cookbook and part handbook, features over 300 kitchen-tested recipes for beef, pork, lamb, and veal. Organized by animal and its primal cuts, this book stands as an authoritative guide on meat, providing vital information and techniques to enhance your confidence at the meat counter. It empowers you to explore diverse options at the supermarket or butcher shop, from budget-friendly beef shanks to less familiar cuts like country-style ribs or leg of lamb as a holiday centerpiece.

This guide highlights 72 standout recipes, showcasing each cut’s unique qualities. Learn to create center-of-the-plate masterpieces such as Butter-Basted Rib Steaks, cooked to perfection with hot butter for a deep crust, or the succulent Chinese Barbecued Roast Pork Shoulder, slow-cooked for 6 hours. Discover the art of preparing the classic Crumb-Crusted Rack of Lamb. The book also extends meat’s role beyond the centerpiece, featuring complete meals like Fried Brown Rice with Pork and Shrimp or Libyan-style lamb shoulder chops in Sharba, a chickpea and orzo soup.

“Meat Illustrated” begins each section with illustrated information on primal cuts, covering shopping, storage, and preparation. It includes step-by-step photos, easy-to-understand tutorials, and hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations, demystifying meat preparation. Learn how to expertly tie roasts or neatly score fat without needing professional training. The book also reveals tips like using baking soda to tenderize ground meat or pre-roasting fatty cuts to minimize stovetop splatters. For the adventurous, there are even DIY curing projects to explore.

With “Meat Illustrated,” you’ll gain the skills and knowledge to reliably execute dishes with the finesse of a steakhouse chef, transforming the way you cook and enjoy meat


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