Red Crab Philippines Menu & Price 2023 | Things Need To Know

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In this post, we will be discussing the Red Crab Philippines menu – a popular seafood restaurant known for its delicious and freshly cooked crabs. At Red Crab Philippines, their menu is designed to satisfy all kinds of cravings for seafood lovers. They offer a wide variety of dishes made from the freshest ingredients and served in generous portions. From mouth-watering crab dishes to other delectable seafood options, Red Crab Philippines has something for everyone.

About Red Crab Philippines

Red Crab Philippines is a popular seafood restaurant chain that specializes in serving delicious and fresh crabs. Their menu features a wide variety of mouth-watering crab dishes, as well as other delectable seafood options. The restaurant has been serving customers since 2011 and has grown to become one of the go-to places for seafood lovers in the country.

Video about Philippines Vlog The Red Crab Alimango House

Red Crab Philippines Menu

The Red Crab Philippines menu is a comprehensive collection of top-quality seafood dishes from the nation. Indulge in a delightful array of menu items available at this restaurant, renowned for its mission, exceptional offerings, and a rewarding dining experience.

Menu Items Price (PHP)
Red Crab Heavy Weight Crabs
Crab Maritess From ₱3,192.00
Szechuan Crab From ₱3,192.00
Malaysian Chili KangKong From ₱3,192.00
MS. Bea's Crab Beehoon From ₱3,192.00
Raymund's Salt And Pepper From ₱3,192.00
Typhoon Shelter Crab From ₱3,192.00
Red Crab Sarsuela From ₱3,192.00
Toasted Coconut Crab From ₱3,192.00
Crab Talipapa From ₱3,192.00
Chavacano Curry Crab From ₱3,192.00
Red Crab Alimango House Crab Tray
Crab Maritess Tray From ₱1,899.00
Szechuan Crab Tray From ₱1,899.00
Malaysian Chili KangKong Tray From ₱1,899.00
MS. Bea's Crab Beehoon Tray From ₱1,899.00
Raymund's Salt And Pepper Tray From ₱1,899.00
Typhoon Shelter Crab Tray From ₱1,899.00
Toasted Coconut Crab Tray From ₱1,899.00
Crab Talipapa Tray From ₱1,899.00
Chavacano Curry Crab Tray From ₱1,899.00
Alimango at Sugpo
Alimango at Sugpo ₱2,099.00
Sugpo Hits
Sugpo Hits From ₱1,099.00
Lapu Lapu
Lapu Lapu Steamed in Superior Sauce From ₱1,960.00
Sweet and Sour Lapu-Lapu From ₱1,960.00
Lapu Lapu Steamed with Tausi From ₱1,960.00
Shrimp Bucket
Chili Cajun Shrimp Bucket From ₱758.00
Red Crab Favorites
Kare-Kare con Lechon Kawali From ₱572.00
Squid Sisig From ₱380.00
Lechon Kawali From ₱435.00
Sinigang na Baboy From ₱435.00
Sinigang na Hipon From ₱490.00
Red Crab Chicken BBQ From ₱430.00
Rice and Noodles
Crispy Pancit Canton From ₱435.00
Seafood Pancit Canton From ₱435.00
Steamed Rice ₱55.00
Tinapa Fried Rice ₱299.00
Garlic Rice ₱65.00
Surf and Turf Specials
Surf & Turf (Set 1) - Shrimp Bucket and Kansas BBQ Ribs Regular: ₱1,594.00
Sale: ₱1,450.00
Surf & Turf (Set 2) - Famous Seafood Boil and Kansas BBQ Ribs Regular: ₱1,679.00
Sale: ₱1,550.00
Surf & Turf (Set 3) - Crab Tray and Kansas BBQ Ribs Regular: ₱2,245.00
Sale: ₱2,050.00
Seafood Pancit at Lugaw Specials
Pancit Hipon Hokkien Mee From ₱388.00
Pusit Pancit Negra From ₱388.00
Seafood Lugaw From ₱388.00
The Red Crab Pancit From ₱435.00

Red Crab Philippines Menu Best Sellers

Kansi Bulalo – Kansi, a beef soup originating from the Western Visayas, is often compared to the classic sinigang. With its nuanced taste profile, thanks to lemongrass and atsuete, it offers a unique sour note. The inclusion of batuan or bilimbi fruits adds a mild sour flavor to the tasty beef broth, while the gelatinous bone marrow enhances its richness.

Heavy Weight Crab – Unlike fatty fish with its typical fishy flavor, crab meat has a distinct salty and oceanic taste. The white flesh of crab is less tender and less salty than chicken or steak. Rather than smelling like fish, it has a buttery aroma that enhances its overall flavor. The Red Crab considers this dish one of its menu favorites.

The Menu Best Sellers of Red Crab Philippines
The Menu Best Sellers of Red Crab Philippines

Sinigang na Baboy – A must-try traditional Filipino favorite, Sinigang na Baboy is cooked with pork belly and various vegetables in a tamarind broth. It has a delightful acidic and beefy flavor. Made with pork ribs, fresh tamarind, or tamarind powder, this sour soup is beloved in many Filipino homes. The tender pork belly in the flavorful stew is truly irresistible.

Red Crab Philippines Menu Favorites

Squid Sisig: Spicy and smoky, this dish features chopped, grilled squid cooked with onions and spices. It can be enjoyed as a main meal with steamed rice or as an appetizer paired with a cool lager.

Chicharon Bulaklak: Made from ruffled fat, this dish is crispy and flavorful. It is a mesentery, the connection between the pig’s body and its internal organs.

Crispy Crablets: Seasoned and deep-fried small crabs, known for their crispy texture. These crabs are often found on riverbanks or captured in rice fields. It is a popular Filipino appetizer and pairs well with beer or other alcoholic beverages, typically served with a hot vinegar dip.

Red Crab Philippines Menu Starters

Adobong Pusit Klasiko – Adobong Pusit is a delectable squid dish prepared using the traditional adobo technique in the Philippines. Any squid works for this recipe, but it is strongly advised to use little to medium-sized squids for a stronger taste.

Lechon Kawali – Lechon kawali boasts a salty, extra-crispy exterior and a moist, tender interior with juicy, fatty meat. This crispy deep-fried pork dish is typically made with pig belly, also known as liempo. It pairs well with white rice and dipping sauce, making it an excellent choice for lunch or dinner. It is important not to confuse it with lechon, which is considered the Philippines’ national cuisine. These two dishes are cooked using different techniques and have distinct appearances.

The Red Crab Philippines Menu Starters
The Red Crab Philippines Menu Starters

Red Crab Philippines Menu Delivery

For hassle-free delivery of Red Crab Group’s delectable food items, simply visit their website at If you wish to place an order outside Metro Manila, kindly contact them through their Facebook page. Please note that their delivery services are limited to specific areas within Metro Manila.

Delivery Services At Red Crab Philippines

Red Crab Philippines offers professional delivery services, extending its exquisite culinary experience beyond its restaurant doors. Experience the same exceptional flavors in the comfort of your own home, ensuring that your seafood cravings are met with convenience and satisfaction. From the signature Garlic Crab to the indulgent Lobster Thermidor, let us bring the ocean’s delights directly to your doorstep.

Red Crab Philippines Ordering Link Information

Ordering Link Information
Official website
Takeaway menu
Restaurant address 2nd Floor Uptown Mall BGC, Taguig, Philippines
Contact Information
Phone number +63 995 976 4314
Social media

Social Information of Red Crab Philippines
Social Information of Red Crab Philippines

Red Crab Philippines Operating Hours

Week days Operating Hours
Monday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 11:15 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM - 11:00 PM

FAQ: Red Crab Philippines menu

What are the signature dishes at Red Crab Philippines?

Red Crab Philippines is known for its exceptional culinary expertise, with signature dishes like Garlic Crab and Crab Maritess taking center stage.

Does Red Crab Philippines offer vegetarian options?

Yes, Red Crab Philippines does offer vegetarian options. While the main focus is on seafood, the menu also includes a selection of sides and salads that are suitable for vegetarian preferences.

Can I enjoy Red Crab Philippines menu at home?

Experience the exquisite flavors of Red Crab Philippines in the comfort of your own home. Order now via to enjoy our tantalizing menu options.

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